Raising A Spirited Child

I realize all my posts have been really long lately and not fun and cute, but I always vowed that if I was going to write and make my feelings public then I would be real and honest with people. So please bare with me as this is another long post. I have spent the [...]


A Letter to My Firstborn on Her 4th Birthday

My sweet Gabriella. Though I can’t really call you that, cause you glare at me and tell me, “I’M. JUST. ELLIE.” I can’t believe you’re 4. If there’s one person that has taught me anything in life, it’s been you. You’ve taught me patience. You’ve taught me to fight for what I believe in. You’ve [...]

Does Listening to God Really Matter?

Does Listening to God Really Matter? Following God's Calling for Your Life Even When the Days are Rough   Mom truth coming up... Sometimes I wish God called me to be somewhere else, to do something else. Sometimes I am so exhausted by my calling of being a mom and I wish, for just a [...]

Why We Are Choosing to Homeschool

We ask children to do for most of a day what few adults are able to do for even an hour. How many of us, say, attending a lecture that doesn't interest us, can keep our minds from wandering? Hardly any. -John Holt We’re officially starting preschool as homeschoolers with Ellie on September 10th! The [...]

Loneliness in Motherhood

What's been your loneliest season of motherhood? Pretty much all of it. I have yet to have a consistent village. Everyone says they're lonely and then I ask them to do something and they say they are too busy. It is frustrating. ~Brooke B. I’m an extrovert (or introverted extrovert as I said in my last [...]