The Million Dollar Family

Let me just start off by saying, I know you all mean well. I truly do. But sometimes even the best intentions are hurtful. When I was pregnant with my first daughter we announced to people when I was 6 weeks along. Because we announced so early it gave people a LOT of time to… Continue reading The Million Dollar Family


Taking the Time to Sit

For the first time in I don't know how long, I am sitting. I have a list of things to do and my house is a mess, but I'm sitting. For the first time in 4 days I had a shower. I'm wearing clean clothes, even if they're stained. I'm not covered in puke, and… Continue reading Taking the Time to Sit


DIY Crate Storage Bench

My daughter loves dolls. Actually... That's an understatement. She's borderline obsessed. She walks around the house with her babies. She wraps up whatever she can find in towels and rocks them, while singing, "baaaaaby... baaaaaaby..." In the middle of the night we'll hear her over the monitor and say, "Bayboo? Bayboo!!" (The name of her… Continue reading DIY Crate Storage Bench