Preparing for a New Baby

I took a break over Christmas, it feels weird to be writing again! Hopefully I can get back into the groove easily! I’m hoping to add a new post about Christmas traditions sometime soon, keep your eyes out!


I am officially 20 weeks pregnant this week. During my last pregnancy we moved when I was 16 weeks, and by 18 weeks I had the nursery completely set up and stocked. By 24 weeks both of our hospital bags were basically packed, and I spent the rest of my pregnancy crocheting baby items! This time I’ve realized that things really don’t need to be done that soon. I was so excited, I just wanted to be ready for our first baby in case she decided to come early. She decided to be 2 days late… Of course. Isn’t that always how it works? Now that I’m halfway through this pregnancy I realize how much more relaxed I am. This time I don’t make as many lists, don’t buy as many things, and don’t over prepare. All I’ve done this time is buy newborn booties and swaddle blankets.


Even though I haven’t made as many lists.. I still have lists. Lots of them. I am a list person. I am going to share one of them, how I’m preparing for this baby. I did the same last time, but now I actually know what’s needed and what’s not. My first (of many) ways to prepare for a baby is stocking up on basic items around the house. Especially with a toddler and a newborn I am not looking forward to learning how to run errands. Running errands with just a newborn is easy! Stocking up on basic needs will eliminate (at least some) stress. Here are some of the basic needs that maybe aren’t thought of, but necessary!


  1. Toilet Paper. Obviously one of the most basic needs in the house… for everyone! We buy the big case from Costco so it lasts us a loooong time. I never want to run out of that one!
  2. Kleenex. Depending on the season your baby is born it could be flu season. My daughter was born in October and I knew we would be in for the long haul with colds and flu’s. With visitors comes germs, and I didn’t want to be caught without Kleenex if I got a cold overnight.
  3. Baby Wipes. I have a toddler in diapers and will soon have a newborn in diapers. Needless to say we are going to go through a LOT of wipes. I like to get a big box from Costco so we don’t have to worry about going back for a while! Which brings us to…
  4. Diapers. Because I’ll have 2 in diapers I want to stock up on both sizes. Going a few months ahead of time can help you watch out for sales and get a few boxes when you find a good one. Just make sure to not buy too many newborn sizes, they grow out of them pretty quickly and it’s easy enough to send someone to the store for you if you know you’re almost out.
  5. Food. I know… That one seems so obvious. But it’s really not, it took a long time to remember to add it! I’m going to be stocking up on bread to freeze and pull out when we need it, canned foods (like soup, for easy meals!), and I’m planning on making freezer meals a month before the baby is due. I did this last time and it helped immensely, when we needed something quick and I didn’t have energy to make anything. They surprisingly lasted us a long time. Getting the groceries ahead of time was expensive, but considering we didn’t buy groceries aside from fresh fruit and veggies for an entire month after Ellie was born, it balanced itself out cost wise.
  6. Kitchen Basics. This includes basics like sandwich bags, foil wrap, plastic wrap.
  7. Personal Hygiene. Things like shampoo and conditioner, baby shampoo, deodorant, pads for postpartum, and toothpaste. Also make sure to stock up on medications, such as Tylenol and Advil for postpartum pains.

That’s about it! I know there is likely more I will be adding to my list down the road but I do plan on starting to stock up soon so I don’t need to do too many trips while I’m largely pregnant. If there’s anything you can think that you would add feel free to comment below!


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