Footprint Crafts With a Toddler

Last year was Ellie’s first Christmas, but she was only 2.5 months old… And let’s be honest. They’re not very fun at that age. This year she’s 14 months and I love seeing her eyes light up at the decorations! I wanted to try out some Christmas crafts this year, but wasn’t sure how she’d do. So I figured footprints crafts were perfect! I wanted to do something different, not the typical snowman or penguin. Then I found this idea on Pinterest and I knew I had to try it! I absolutely love Christmas, and the Grinch is one of my favourite movies. 
First you’ll want to find some canvases (I found mine at Dollarama. I used 3 8×10’s) and do a white base coat of paint. You can find most of your supplies at Dollarama, or Michaels if you feel like spending more. Let the paint completely dry (I did overnight but that’s not necessary). 

Then I strapped Ellie into her highchair without her tray. I got all the paints I needed for the footprints ready, and got a wide paint brush. I painted the bottoms of her feet with a really good layer of paint, but you don’t want it too thick. Then get their foot and the canvas as steady as you can and smoosh! As you can see Ellie moved her foot for the brown one, so don’t worry if they’re not perfect. 

Let that paint dry, then draw out the shape (with pencil) of the Grinch, Max, and Cindy Lou Who. I just free handed this, sorry I don’t have something you can trace!

Once you have that done you can start painting the parts that need it, such as the hat, hair, and ears. 

Trace over the pencil lines with black paint and a thin marker, add in details, and you’re done! Be sure to let the paint try between coats or your colours will run. 
Let me know in the comments how yours turn out, or ones you’ve done in the past! 


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