Social Media and Self-Worth


I was talking to Colin the other night about our need as humans for outward approval, as if it determines our self-worth. How many of us get discouraged when not many people “like” our pictures on social media? Just an example, but I find myself caring far too much most of the time. I feel like when people don’t “like” my pictures or statuses that somehow they’re above me, and it makes me less of a person. Maybe it’s just me, but how ridiculous is that? When did social media and worldly approval determine our self worth? If a person on Instagram has more followers and receives thousands of likes and comments, does that mean they’re better than you in any way? Absolutely not, and we need to stop letting social media run our lives. We need to stop looking towards other people for approval and be seeking God’s approval in everything we do. Is what we post glorifying to Him? Will it bring more followers to God, or more followers to us? Your self worth is so much more than your number of friends, the size of your house, or how new your car is. 

Next time you find yourself caring about if a certain person didn’t like your photo or post, ask yourself WHY you care. Do you crave approval from them? Why do you? Is it going to make you feel any better about yourself if they do show that they approve? Remind yourself that they truly are not above you. We are all made equal, and sometimes we need a little reminder for ourselves too. 


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