The Undeniable Truth About Motherhood

I follow a lot of mommy fashion bloggers on Instagram. There’s one particular one that looked amazing her entire pregnancy- she wore heels up until she had her daughter. Within days of her daughter being born she was posting pictures of herself (again in heels!) out for a walk. In pictures her house always looks spotless and her hair and makeup are always done. Of course this isn’t the reality… It’s just what she posts. 
This is motherhood. Raw, exhausting, unfiltered motherhood. The look on that face you see there is one that’s gotten -38483910374 hours of sleep in the last year. My face has no makeup (unless you count yesterday’s), hasn’t been washed all day, and don’t get me started on my hair. My teeth haven’t been brushed since last night and I’m wearing my husband’s shirt that was in the donate pile. The last thought on my mind is doing laundry, yet I’ve been wearing the same pair of leggings all week. 
The reality of motherhood (and parenthood in general) is that people know how to make it look really great on the outside. They post pictures of going to the park every day and reading their kids books and drinking Starbucks all happy-like. I’m amazed that it’s actually reality for some people. However, when you’re pregnant and have a high energy toddler, most days don’t involve walks but involve an hour of Arthur in the morning so you can lie on the couch and tell yourself that’s “waking up”. Most days we eat quick food (who doesn’t love a good plate of over cooked chicken nuggets and curly fries?) and eat dessert first…. and for the main course. Our afternoons consist of fighting naps for 2 hours (with many tears from both of us!).

 People that say to me “____ makes me want to be a mom!” make me laugh. They’re those people that know how to make it look good. It’s not those moments that make motherhood count, it’s moments right here. Where you can feel your child’s breath on your cheek as they snore so you can’t nap, where they won’t sleep unless they’re cuddling you. These moments are anything but glamorous but they are the moments that make me a mom ❤️


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