Ah, Monday’s….

Anybody that’s a stay at home parent knows that you don’t really get days off. You don’t get sick days, and you don’t get vacations. I knew this going into motherhood; but what I didn’t realize was how truly exhausting that would be! You work 24/7 (that is, unless your kid is an amazing sleeper and you don’t need to get up at night), 365 days of the year. This means that while single people or people without kids get excited for Friday, my only thought is:


Friday to me means, “Hallelujah! Someone else gets to do nap time and change poopy diapers all weekend”. Yeah, I have a glorious life. Then Monday shows up, all dark and dreary… You know, the day that everyone hates. That is, except for me! That’s right. I love Monday’s! My mother in law has Monday’s off, which means I have Monday’s off! She loves to take Ellie for the day, and I love to let her. Usually this means I have a cleaning day which really means I’m still working. However it is so much easier to clean a house without a little toddler playing and making a mess, and having to take a break to fight naps for 2 hours!  The first time my mother in law took Ellie I was able to clean the house so well it didn’t even look like our house anymore. Then was yesterday, and I lied in bed all day. Dang morning sickness.

It was so nice to have the break yesterday. Most days I just enjoy the day off to be able to do some things to myself, but I was so incredibly grateful for the break yesterday. Had I not had someone to take her for the day I’m sure we would have just spent all day watching cartoons! Really, that wouldn’t have been too bad either. At the end of the day, as much as I love having a little bit of time to myself, I miss my girly so much during the day. When she gets home all I want to do is cuddle her! I was lying in bed when she got home yesterday and Colin put her on the bed with me. She crawled up to me and immediately lay her head on my chest and gave me a hug. Being a mom is so exhausting, but the absolute most rewarding thing you will ever do 🙂


 What do you do on your day off? Comment below!


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