DIY Crate Storage Bench

My daughter loves dolls. Actually… That’s an understatement. She’s borderline obsessed. She walks around the house with her babies. She wraps up whatever she can find in towels and rocks them, while singing, “baaaaaby… baaaaaaby…” In the middle of the night we’ll hear her over the monitor and say, “Bayboo? Bayboo!!” (The name of her… Continue reading DIY Crate Storage Bench

Postpartum Anxiety and Depression { My Story }

I gave birth to my daughter on October 5th, 2014. Growing up (despite what I always told my aunts!) being a wife and a mom was what I always wanted. I had no desire for secondary education, I just wanted a husband and babies. I grew up in a very large extended family and, even… Continue reading Postpartum Anxiety and Depression { My Story }